Germany and prostitution, all over the country, Escorts, Trans, massage rooms, FKK, Escort agencies have their place. The largest brothels in Europe and a very large clientele can be found here. The proximity to the Eastern European countries offers a huge variety of Escorts' nationalities. The beauty of Eastern women does not need to be promoted, but German women are not outdone, especially with their SM dungeons. Many sexual practices are widespread in Germany while they struggle to find fans in the rest of Europe. Germany is also a precursor in a lot of high-tech and innovative brothel concept in the field of prostitution.


Hannover, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart are the main locations for escorts in the country. These tourist and active cities in the European financial centre offer a very large potential client market for sex workers who come to live there. In addition, Germany's permissive legislation allows escorts to work there without risk. Across the country, no region is neglected by prostitutes, but many work through an escort agency, a massage room, a brothel. It is therefore necessary to go through the doors of these establishments to discover hidden beauties.


The FKK or Saunaclub is one of the most common types of contact bar in Germany. Brunch, sauna and blowjob make a good mix and convince a growing number of fans. This concept even crosses borders and is expanding in Switzerland and France. Germans have always had a greater tendency than the rest of the world for being naked and FKK meets this need. And let's face it, eating bacon and eggs while watching Escorts walking naked between the tables can only be seductive!


Let's also note that searches on porn video sites show an increase in terms including: Germany, German, FKK, Sauna Germany, Gang Bang Germany, etc.. Is sex in Germany becoming a new trend?