Ah Italy! Passion, cars, cooking, women and prostitution of course! The biggest scandals of politicians calling for escorts are over there. The Roman orgies are over there. The Baby Squillo scandal is over there. Rubygate is over there. Spaghetti and seafood is over there. Okay, the last one's nothing to do with it, but the pasta dishes are good and if there are so many scandals in Italy, it's because the Escorts must be really incredible!

Apart from the newspapers and the scandals, prostitution in Italy is not clearly displayed. The law is not very clear and the eyes of the authorities a little closed, so the field is clear. If you talk to Italians, you will see that very soon you will start talking about sex, it is written in their genes: eating and making love! No wonder you can easily find a lot of Escorts, Trans and more and more Escorts Boys.

Italian Escorts love to use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to find new clients. Unfortunately social networks are deleting sex worker accounts faster and faster and Italian Escorts find themselves with very little means to promote themselves. The newsfeed of Redstreet24.com was created for them, it allows them to continue using a social network type system without taking the risk of being banned.

The offer of sexual services in Italy is concentrated in the northern half of the country, from Rome to Milan, the south of Italy being less touristic and the rates lower. Milan takes some of the advantages of Paris, the fashion capital Milan attracts wealthy clients and various social events and extravagant parties where Escorts have their place.

The west coast of Italy, from Rimini to Sanremo, is during the whole summer a hunting ground for both clients and Escorts. In fact, the arrival of tourists in large numbers during the summer period considerably increases the attraction of escorts to visit these places and it is not to displease potential clients who will have the advantage of the choice.