Neuchâtel is a large city in French-speaking Switzerland, situated on a lake that acts as a natural border with German-speaking Switzerland. It attracts tourists, young people who come to enjoy nightlife and of course escorts.

Many independent Escorts are based in Neuchâtel for various reasons, mainly because the rents of the apartments are cheaper than in the rest of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The proximity to France means that many French Escorts come to spend a few weeks in Neuchâtel.

Erotic salons in Neuchâtel are also well represented, several well-known establishments are almost all located in the street and a few others are located in the nearby villages. Neuchâtel has the same peculiarity as the canton of Valais, i.e. the reception is generally warmer and therefore the customers feel at home.

It should also be noted that a large part of the Escorts are just passing through, so clients are constantly meeting new Escorts and Trans to satisfy all their sexual demands and fantasies. It is not rare to find Escorts from Geneva or Lausanne to Neuchâtel for a short period of time.

Moreover, the clientele in Neuchâtel is rather important, thanks to the universities many young people are domiciled there, and consequently from year to year more and more people know the city and come back.

The city of Neuchâtel does not have a street dedicated to prostitution nor a red light district, consequently to find an escort or a trans or an erotic salon, you will have to go to an erotic classified ads site such as to find your one-night stand. As indicated above, rents are low in Neuchâtel, it is then normal to find a higher ratio of independent Escorts who will welcome you in a studio or a small apartment. Apartments are generally well kept, as the sex supply is greater than the demand, Escorts do their utmost to retain their clients.