Spain, the European country with the highest prostitution rate. Unfortunately, the competition is such that the rates for prostitutes and escorts are falling considerably. Nevertheless the big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, maintain a certain level. The legislation for sex workers is not very clear, but if it is not clear the authorities are not very observant. Good for the tourists, who are willing to let themselves be seduced by the most beautiful Escorts in Spain.

The city of Barcelona has more than 10'000 Escorts, male and female, Trans and some beautiful brothels. The clientele is made up of tourists, a large part of whom are French, who, thanks to the proximity of the border, come for a weekend to enjoy the charms of the Hispanic Escorts.

Just like the Azure coast in France, the Balearic Islands and mainly Ibiza, are prized by international luxury Escorts. Ibiza has always represented freedom, both in thought and sex. What could be more normal than extravagant parties rhyme with Escorts, sex and luxury. But the prostitution market is ephemeral, although every year Escorts can enjoy this oasis a little longer.

The cities of Madrid, Seville, Benidorm, Valencia, Malaga and Marbella are also high places of prostitution but much less displayed. Moreover the clientele is mainly made up of locals, therefore the prices can be really low compared to the prostitution market in the rest of Europe.

In spite of everything, Latin countries have always aroused sexual arousal whether it be through an accent, warmth, or the generous forms of the women. In any case, if someone does not find happiness in Spain, it is better to start collecting stamps.

It is also worth knowing that many Latin American Escorts, taking advantage of the similarity of language, come for a few weeks to practice sex work in Barcelona, Ibiza and some other big cities in Spain. Let's enjoy discovering countries.