Switzerland, with its permissive legislation against prostitution, allows escorts and other sex workers to establish themselves legally and to exercise their profession freely. These laws make it much easier for sex workers to declare themselves as self-employed and therefore perform work of higher quality. All in all, each Escort is left with all the keys in hand to establish itself as a real small company.

The cities of Geneva and Zurich attract countless Escorts and Trans, coming from all over the world to offer their charms to the daily flow of foreign travelers but not only. Due to their large population compared to the rest of Switzerland and the wealth per inhabitant, Geneva and Zurich offer a favourable market for the development of independent prostitution, but also massage parlours and escort agencies.

Other Swiss cities such as Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Martigny, Neuchâtel, Basel, Sion and Olten are not to be outdone. It is difficult to make a place for oneself in cities such as Geneva and Zurich because the offer is too large. Prostitutes have therefore decided to move to medium-sized cities, taking advantage of the lower supply of services. Moreover, Switzerland being small, the clients of the Escorts do not hesitate to move if necessary.

In the canton of Vaud, prostitution is almost as widespread as in Geneva and Zurich, with the advantage that it is better distributed. The Escorts are not all concentrated on 20km2. The Canton of Valais also offers some beautiful massage rooms which will surely offer you excellent regional wines. Prostitution in the German part of Switzerland not only offers a wide range of prostitution services but also some special features such as the FKK (naturist sauna) straight from Germany, which delights a clientele that likes to mix swimming, brunch and blowjob! Prostitution in Ticino is mainly concentrated in Lugano, despite the proximity to Italy, the volume of Escort Girls is not gargantuan, nevertheless starting the evening in the magnificent casino overlooking the lake, then get drunk in one of the few massage rooms in the city to finally find an Italian Escort Girl to whom to say: mozzarella, Barilla, Alfa Romeo! (My Italian Vocabulary) promises wonderful memories.